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3-Car Collision Caused By Deer Resulted In Fatality

Posted on March 28, 2018

Deer on the roadways may seem cute—until they hit your car. Deer caused more than 1 million car accidents between July 2011 and June 2012. These crashes resulted in more than $4 billion in vehicle damage. Deer can cause more than damage to your car, however. A recent 3-car collision caused by a deer resulted in fatality in Maryland.

The crash happened on the morning of January 30 in Largo on Ritchie Marlboro Road when a deer jumped in the road and collided with a car. This led to a three-car accident that injured two people and killed a man. The two injured people were taken to a local hospital for medical treatment, but the man died at the accident scene.

There are wooded areas around the road, which explains why the deer was in the vicinity. Roads in the area were closed for several hours. The deer was found dead near the accident scene.

What Happens When a Deer Hits Your Car?

When you suffer injuries in a car accident, you are often able to sue the responsible party. But when a deer or other animal hits your car, you can sue the animal. So what happens next?

If you have the right insurance, you should be covered. While you are required to have collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is optional. This type of insurance will cover damage caused by fire, floods, earthquakes, falling objects, vandalism, theft, and yes, even animals. So it’s a good idea to get this insurance if you don’t already have it.

If you have comprehensive auto insurance and are hit by a deer, file a claim with your insurer. They will assess the damage and will pay for repairs, minus your deductible.

In fact, accidents caused by deer are on the rise. Every year, 200 people are killed in collisions caused by deer. In the past four years, insurance company State Farm saw a nearly 8 percent rise in claims caused by deer.

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Hitting an animal can lead to serious vehicle damage, injuries and even fatalities, especially when the animal is large like a deer. While you can’t sue animals, your damages will typically be covered under your auto insurance.

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