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I Am Afraid My Parents Have Been Mistreated At Their Nursing Home – What Can I Do?

Posted on March 11, 2017

Our older relatives are some of the most treasured gifts we have in life – and after the many sacrifices they made for us as we grew up, they deserve only the best. Of course, we would love to keep them safe in our homes when they are no longer able to live on their own, but sometimes that is just not possible. At that time, we try to find the best solution for their needs, and sometimes, that means that we need to consider placing them in a nursing home so they have the best possible care. What happens, though, when we start to wonder whether they are receiving the best care? And what if we fear that they are being mistreated?

Federal Requirements For Providing Care

There are many regulations and laws that nursing homes must follow but, unfortunately, some fail to meet these standards. Among the regulations are those that exist to prevent the abuse and neglect of patients. Federal regulations that became known as the Nursing Home Reform Act were enacted in the late 1980s requiring compliance with specific quality of care rules; failure to meet these standards impacts a nursing home or other long-term assisted care facility’s ability to receive federal funds from Medicare and Medicaid. Some of these standards include:

  • Ensuring sufficient staff;
  • Conducting regular patient assessments and developing care plans;
  • Providing services to help maintain a patient’s level of care and functionality;
  • Allowing patients to retain the best quality of life possible; and
  • Maintaining patient records.

While federal nursing home regulations must be followed in order for the facilities to be able to receive Medicare or Medicaid funds, individual states are free to adopt more stringent nursing home laws and, in fact, Maryland has enacted various laws in addition to those mandated by the Nursing Home Reform Act.

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