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Maryland Car Accident Kills 3

Posted on January 25, 2018

While many car accidents involve two or more vehicles, many involve just one vehicle. This doesn’t make them any less dangerous, though. In fact, many single-vehicle accidents result in a fatality.

Sadly, this was the case for three people involved in a Maryland car crash. The single-vehicle accident occurred on the morning of December 26 in La Plata. The driver swerved and went off the roadway. The car hit a tree and caught fire.

A passerby and firefighters fought to save the lives of the driver and two passengers. Unfortunately, all three occupants died from their injuries. The 28-year-old driver was flown to a local hospital for medical treatment, but later died. The two passengers had not been identified by Charles County Sheriff’s Office investigators. It is unknown what caused the vehicle to exit the roadway.

Understanding Single Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accidents are typically classified as run-off-road crashes, since they account for 70 percent of such accidents. This type of accident involves a vehicle leaving the travel lane and encroaching the shoulder, median, roadside or parking lane. The vehicle then hits an object, often resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Studies show that speed and alcohol use are two of the biggest factors with such crashes. Of the drivers studied, 58 percent of sober drivers were involved in run-off-road crashes, while 86.5 percent of drivers with any alcohol use were involved in such crashes. Of the drivers studied, 90 percent of those speeding were involved in run-off-road crashes, while just under 60 percent of those who were not speeding were involved in this type of accident.

Road type is also a factor. Curved roads and rural roads were most likely to be the scene of run-off-road crashes. Run-off-road crashes were also more likely to occur when there were fewer lanes (one or two).  Due to lower levels of visibility, a driver was more likely to run off the road at night time versus during the day.

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