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Police Chase Ends in Death for Driver

Posted on February 1, 2018

Police chases hardly ever end well. Cars eluding police officers at high speeds tend to cause fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, that was the case in a recent police chase in Maryland.

Police attempted to pull over the driver of a stolen vehicle on the evening of January 15 and ended up in a multi-city pursuit. The driver was in Elkton heading east on Route 40 at Landing Lane when a Maryland state trooper attempted to make a traffic stop. The driver made a U-turn and drove westbound on Route 40. The trooper broke away.

As the driver continued westbound on Route 40 and passed Route 272, another trooper attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver, however, kept on going. Police placed stop sticks in two locations in Perryville to get the vehicle to stop. The vehicle hit a stop stick and kept going, even with two flat tires. It crossed Hatem Bridge and drove into Harford County.

The driver finally lost control and hit a light pole. The vehicle came to a stop in Havre de Grace at Route 40 and Otsego Street. Three injured passengers were taken to local hospitals. The driver was taken to Harford Memorial Hospital, where he later died. The Maryland State Police Crash Team is investigating the crash.

Police Chase Statistics

Between 1979 and 2013, more than 11,500 people have been killed due to police chases. That’s almost one fatality per day. Tens of thousands more people have suffered injuries due to police chases. Tens of thousands of police chases happen every year, with police officers typically pursuing these drivers for minor violations.

While police officers maintain that chasing these drivers keeps crime rates down, these chases are dangerous. Because these chases occur at high speeds, they endanger the lives of pedestrians and other motorists. Police chases compromise safety, and police officers need to determine if the rewards of catching the fleeing driver outweigh the risks.

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Police chases happen often. While sometimes the ones involved in the chase are injured or killed by their own recklessness, in many cases, police chases injure or kill innocent bystanders.

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