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Teen Pedestrian Dies After Being Hit by Police Car

Posted on January 16, 2018

Police officers are supposed to look out for the safety of citizens, so it can be devastating to hear about a police officer killing another person—even accidentally. Sadly, a 16-year-old died after being struck a K-9 unit vehicle in Brandywine.

The fatal pedestrian accident happened on the afternoon of January 1 at Chadds Ford Drive on Route 301. A police officer was off duty and on his way to work. He was traveling with a K-9 in a marked vehicle when he hit the 16-year-old pedestrian crossing the road. The teen, whose identity is unknown, died. The officer and K-9 suffered no injuries.

The officer was placed on administrative leave. Maryland State Police’s CRASH team closed the highway for five hours to investigate the crash. Any witnesses are asked to contact the police with information.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

While walking is an excellent form of exercise, just like any other form of activity, it can be risky. Motor vehicles and pedestrians don’t always mix well and the result can be serious injury accidents.

In 2015, pedestrian accidents in the United States led to 5,376 deaths. This was the highest number since 1996. Between 2006 and 2015, pedestrian fatalities increased by 12 percent.

In 2015, another 70,000 pedestrians were injured in crashes. This is a 15 percent increase from 2006. This number could be much higher, though, considering that many crashes involving pedestrian injuries are never reported to police.

On the surface, it may seem as though walking is getting more and more dangerous. Pedestrians, after all, account for just 10.9 percent of trips but 18 percent of traffic fatalities. However, the numbers do not provide us with data such as where the accidents occur (rural vs. urban areas) and the number of pedestrians who are frequently exposed to traffic situations. Studies have shown, though, that pedestrian accidents tend to occur in areas other than intersections and are more common at night, when visibility is compromised.

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