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2 Dead in 4-Vehicle Crash in Maryland

Posted on April 24, 2018

Speed and unsafe driving have caused many crashes since cars were invented. These factors have led to a fatal crash in Sunderland, located in rural Maryland. A couple—a 69-year-old woman and 82-year-old man—died when a fully loaded dump truck struck their vehicle.

The accident happened on the afternoon of March 12 on Route 2 near C. Jones Road. A 61-year-old man driving a Ford Ranger was stopped in a northbound lane so he could make a left turn. Behind the Ranger was the couple driving a Lexus. A 21-year-old man driving a dump truck filled with gravel tried to swerve around the two vehicles. Instead, he struck the passenger side of the Lexus, which caused a chain of events. The Lexus hit the Ranger and entered the southbound lanes, where it was struck by a large truck.

The man died at the accident scene, while his wife taken to a local hospital. She later died from her injuries. Nobody else was injured. The couple was headed to the airport to pick up the woman’s sister when the crash occurred.

According to investigators, the dump truck driver contributed to the accident by failing to control his speed. The Crash Reconstruction Team is still investigating the crash. It is unknown if the dump truck driver will face charges for his role in the accident.

The couple was prominent in their community and have been mourned by many. The intersection where the crash occurred has been home to many deadly accidents over the years. As such, a petition was started on to improve the intersection, which is near an elementary school. The petition currently has more than 2,500 signatures. It is hopeful that something will be done soon to prevent future fatal accidents such as this one.

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All drivers have a duty to control their speed and drive in a safe manner. This is especially true for drivers of dump trucks, semi trucks and other large vehicles. Speeding and unsafe maneuvers can cause serious accidents, as seen in this case.

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