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2 Killed in Wrong-Way Crash

Posted on May 18, 2018

Surprisingly, wrong-way crashes are common on freeways. It’s easier than you think to get on a freeway exit and travel in the wrong direction. This is a scary situation, though, as it often leads to head-on crashes. These types of accidents are very deadly.

Sadly, this type of accident recently happened in Maryland and led to two fatalities. The accident happened during the early morning hours of April 5 in Baltimore County at Interstates 695 and 795. An 88-year-old woman was driving in the wrong direction when she hit another vehicle head on.

Maryland State Police first received a call about a driver traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 695. Just moments later, police received a second call—this time about a crash that happened on the same interstate near Liberty Road.

Police do not know where or how the woman entered the freeway. The woman’s family was concerned about her, as she had left earlier to run an errand and never returned home. The investigation is ongoing, with the Crash Team reconstructing the accident.

Wrong-Way Crashes

It is estimated that as many as 400 people are killed in wrong-way crashes in the United States every year. These crashes account for 3 percent of all car accidents but 22 percent of these accidents are fatal. This is because the head-on impact involved in these types of crashes often results in death. In fact, fatalities are 27 times more likely to occur in wrong-way crashes.

Many wrong-way crashes happen when a driver crosses a center median or gets on the wrong ramp to a freeway. These crashes are often caused by intoxication, either by drugs or alcohol. It is estimated that as many as 75 percent of these accidents are caused by intoxication. Wrong-way crashes can occur in other ways as well. Distracted driving and fatigue can lead to wrong-way crashes. Drivers who are unfamiliar with an area may end up traveling the wrong way. Poor signage and freeway ramp design can also cause drivers to travel in the wrong direction.

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